Getting Paid

Using All Aboard Payments is an easy way to get up and running in short time without the need to set up your own payment provider.

How it works

Reconciliation and payouts are performed on a monthly basis. This means that every month the gross value of all sales (tickets and passes) are deducted from the accumulated charges, commissions is deducted, and fees added to come to the net amount to be paid out.

To get paid, you will be issued an invoice made out to All Aboard AB and the amount will be paid out to your bank account. If the balance comes to a negative amount the value owed is offset to the next reconilliation. At most 3 months of negative balance is allowed before the amount is due and an invoice is issued.

Other ways to pay

To use your own payment provider or to place orders on behalf of your customers via the Dashboard without the need to charge directly, we do offer invoicing. Contact us at to learn more.