Embeds are an easy way adding train content to your website without investing time or effort in complex technologies. Embeds enable low-code integrations with any website and are a powerful tool for building rich and seamless experience for your customers. using Embeds require no programming knowledge and work with any web technology.

Best practices

Our Embeds are built using the latest web technologies, are fully responsive, and adhere to the latest accessibility and security standards.

Web Components

The All Aboard Embeds are built using Web Components. Web Components are a set of web platform APIs that allow you to create new custom, reusable, encapsulated HTML tags to use in web pages and web apps. Custom components and widgets build on the Web Component standards, will work across modern browsers, and can be used with any JavaScript library or framework that works with HTML.

Getting Started

To add an embed to your website, simply copy the embed code from one of the available Embeds and paste it into your website. The embed code is a simple HTML snippet that can be added to any website.

Rail Pass List

The Rail Pass List is a fully responsive list of rail passes that can be added to any website without any programming. You can configure which passes to show and the user can easily select one of the passes to complete the purchase.

Read more about the Rail Pass List embed.

Rail Pass Modal

The Rail Pass Modal is a fully responsive pop-up modal that can be triggered programatically. The modal will display the details of a rail pass and allow the user to select the passengers and complete the purchase.

Read more about the Rail Pass Modal embed.